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Shawnee County Household Hazardous Waste Facility

131 NE 46th, 286-4381, 1st Sat./mo., 9am-Noon (except January and July). 

Now open M-Thur. 7am—5pm and Friday 7 am-3pm  

For residential patrons only.

Oil, used cooking oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, all batteries, paint/solvents/thinner, all aerosol cans (including empty cans), pesticides, household cleaning products, herbicides, CFL’s, large mercury neon bulbs, and outdated medications.

Recycled paint available $5 per bucket.

Pick up a container for sharps, (needles, syringes, lancets, etc.) free of charge while supplies last.  Once the container is full of sharps, return those back to the HHW Facility for proper disposal.  Sharps can also be brought in any hard plastic or metal container.

New this year, they are accepting electronics (fee for TV’s and monitors) and 5 tires per household.   Fee for CRT TV’s and monitors 19″ and less is $20.  Fee for CRT TV’s and monitors 20″ and larger is $40.


Best Buy


1600 SW Wanamaker, 272-0502

M-Sun 11am-7pm

Remotes; controllers; cameras; telephones; cell phones; vacuums, ink cartridges; printers; computers ($25 fee for monitors) ; tube televisions ($25 fee-TVs 32- inch & under); and plasma, LCD, flat screen, and LED televisions ($25 fee- 50 inches and under). Recycling not accepted the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Three items per day per household or two TV’s.  For more detailed information visit www.bestbuy.com/recycling.