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Helping Hands Humane Society

5720 SW 21st



M-Sat.11:30am-6pm; Sun 1pm-5pm

Towels, blankets, throw rugs, dust pans & hand brooms, pet food bins & coffee canisters, boot mats & placemats, grooming supplies, nylon collars/leashes/harnesses, stainless steel and crock bowls, pet taxis, newspapers, aluminum cans for recycling, bassinet sheets, cat and dog toys, stuffed animals, manual can openers (heavy), toddler beds, changing tables, bird cages, kids outdoor playground equipment, pet exercise pens, card tables, hand carts and dollies, pet safety harnesses/car seats, fanny packs/hands-free treat bags

For cat enrichment:

Wine corks, pipe cleaners/chenille stems, empty toilet paper/paper towel tubes, tissue paper/wrapping paper and rolls, ping pong balls, construction paper,

plastic straws, empty pill bottles, plastic Easter eggs, shoe boxes, clean socks with no holes, carpet remnants

For dog enrichment:

Small cardboard boxes (cereal, facial tissue, etc.), cardboard egg cartons, tennis balls, clean plastic bottles, paper bags

For the medical center:

Tongue depressors, latex gloves, athletic tape, plastic ware, heating pads, Ziploc bags, large spray bottles

For the humans helping the animals:

Cardstock, 3 ring binders, office supplies (staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, 3 hole punches), plastic tabletop display stands/brochure holders/card holders

For foster families:

Cardboard flats (like from canned cat food)



Advantage Metals Recycling, LLC

1628 NW Gordon, 785-294-6650 or 816-286-5936; M-F 8am-4:15pm; Sat 8am-11:45am

Materials:  Magnetic and non-magnetic metals, household appliances, pots and pans, automobiles, transmissions, heater  cores, radiators, lead-acid  batteries, catalytic converters, farm machinery, cast iron pipes and tubs, steel/aluminum siding and gutters, stainless steel, electric motors, aluminum cans, sheet aluminum, painted siding, copper, brass, insulated wire, lawn mowers and lead. 




1800 SW 42nd, 266-2323   M-F  9:30 am – 3:00 pm

TARC shred services are currently on hold due to Covid.  Please check their website for updates:  www.tarcindustries.com

Confidential paper shredding service (residential is free, business for a fee).  Aluminum cans, office paper, shredded paper, newspaper, computer paper, magazines/catalogs, junk mail, telephone books, paperback books.  All materials must be in a disposable/recyclable container, i.e. grocery sack, trash bag, etc.  TARC Industries will not dump containers or accept loose paper.  First cart is free, additional trips will be assessed a fee.                


Commercial Pick up (fee)
Residential drop off