Get Down Get Dirty 2022 Topeka/Shawnee County Litter Cleanup Event

GET DOWN GET DIRTY 2022 – Topeka/Shawnee County Litter Cleanup Event

Saturday, April 23, 2022
Cleanup Event: 10:00 a.m. to Noon
Free Lunch: Noon at Gage Park Amphitheater


GDGD is only possible with the hard work of our dedicated KAB Members and GDGD Teams – THANK YOU!


• Be a GDGD Team Captain: Gather a group of friends/coworkers/family and have your own GDGD Team! KAB will assign your team a location OR the team may choose its own location.

• Individuals: Would you like to participate, but you don’t want or can’t put together a team? Be a part of KAB’s Home Team! You will pick up litter with us or if that isn’t your groove – we also need volunteers to assist with the lunch.


• Each GDGD Team has a Team Captain. Examples of the Team Captain’s responsibilities include – sharing updates/information about the event with team members, gathering details (number of participants, t-shirt* sizes, etc.) for KAB/Cheryl, picking up trash bags from KAB/Cheryl for the team, and most importantly, helping to ensure volunteer safety at the event. (*T-shirts are available while supplies last.)
• If an emergency occurs first call 9-1-1 and then call KAB/Cheryl.
• On the day of the event, if the location your GDGD Team is assigned does not feel safe, choose another location. Select a location your team feels comfortable working and update KAB/Cheryl about your new cleanup location.
• Encourage team members to bring gloves for picking up litter.
• Gather Signed Release Forms (form attached)
o All GDGD volunteers MUST sign a release form.
o A parent or guardian must sign for a volunteer under the age of 18.
o Please bring the completed forms with you to Gage Park on April 23. If you are unable to get the originals to KAB/Cheryl, please scan and email the signed releases. Keep the originals until KAB is certain there were no injury claims.


• Meet your team members at 10:00 a.m. at the pre-determined litter cleanup location.
• If your team finishes your area before noon, keep on going!
• For large cleanup locations, it may be easier to divide your team. Have half start at one end and half at the other – meet in the middle.
• As a rule of thumb, do not to worry about picking up litter that is smaller than a cellphone.
• Removing the big pieces of litter in your location creates the biggest visual improvement.
• Don’t be discouraged if your team can’t complete its entire location. If this happens – NO WORRIES – the work to pick up litter is never “done,” but the effort is always a success!
• Bring trash bags to Gage Park and put them in the large dumpsters provided by Waste Management. The dumpsters will be in the parking lot between the swimming pool, tennis courts, and the carousel. If your team has another location/provider that has agreed to accept your bags, please feel free to proceed.


• Lunch is at noon at the Gage Park Amphitheater.
• There will be DOOR PRIZES!
• With hundreds of KAB volunteers and the other events scheduled at Gage Park, parking will be a challenge – carpool if possible.


• At all times, children MUST have direct, adult supervision.
• Use the buddy system. No volunteer should work alone.
• No volunteer should pick up litter in the street or on the medians.
• Stay as far away from the street edge as possible.
• Stay alert and watch for traffic.
• Litter cleanup locations should be in public areas. Please do NOT go onto private property.
o If your team is working in a residential area, stay in the area considered public right of way — about 5’ feet in from the edge of the street.
o The exception to the “private property” rule is if the team has prior approval for the cleanup location from the property owner – e.g., a team of employees might clean their employer’s property.
• Take break/s if you feel tired.
• Stay hydrated.
• Do not pick up sharp objects like broken glass or hypodermic needles.
• Do not pick up unidentified/unknown liquids. They could explode!

Stay Beautiful Topeka/Shawnee County