2020 Community Appearance Index

Keep America Beautiful affiliates often say that looking at litter is the place to begin empowering individuals to enhance their community environments. Assessing the presence of litter in your community—getting the facts—is the first step in the litter prevention education process.The Keep America Beautiful Community Appearance Index makes litter prevention easier. It is a credible and simple tool that allows quick and reliable visual assessment of the types of litter present in your community. The data obtained through the Community Appearance Index is invaluable in determining the types of community improvement programs needed to address current conditions, and achieve long-term sustainable results.

The Community Appearance Index is designed to measure progress over time. It helps identify what is effective—and what isn’t—in positively changing littering attitudes and behaviors and related community improvement issues. Consistent use of the Community Appearance Index on an annual basis can help track overall progress in reducing litter, and can quantitatively express success in community improvement.Keep America Beautiful realizes that no two communities are exactly alike, and no single improvement plan will address all the needs of every community. The Community Appearance Index has been designed to be flexible and allow for individual judgment in making choices appropriate for local circumstances. The scale is from 1-4 with #1 having no litter.


2—1.2—(troubled area cloverleaf)

3—1.4 (troubled areas exit ramp near Resers to I-70; California south from 10th near Topeka Cemetery; south from 10th on Indiana around school practice field; Washington Street from Branner to 19th)

4—1.2—(troubled areas on Michigan from 25-29th; on Pinecrest from Indiana to 34th)

5—1.3 (troubled area on Kansas Avenue from Topeka Blvd to 33rd; industrial park on Martin Drive from 42nd back to Topeka Blvd)



8—1.2 (troubled area Wanamaker Road)

9—1.1  (troubled area on 10th between Fairlawn and Wanamaker)

County Area 1—1.2 (troubled area on Highway 24 from Silver Lake west to Crawford Road)

County Area 2—1.2 (troubled areas on 46th Street from Green Hills Road to Button Road)

County Area 3—1.4 (troubled area South Topeka Blvd from 53rd to Gary Ormsby Blvd.)


Overall score:  1.42   This is a significant increase over past years.   KAB has been on lockdown and our biggest litter event of the year was cancelled due to COVID-19.