Litter Prevention

Adopt-a-Park—This program is implemented by Shawnee County Parks and Recreation. Volunteers make an annual commitment to pick up litter once a month. After two years, a sign is placed in the park recognizing their efforts. They are also encouraging groups to go beyond litter and perform extra beautification tasks. If you are interested in adopting a park, please contact KAB.

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program–We continue our fight against cigarette litter.

Get Down and Get Dirty—Our annual community wide litter cleanup. Join KAB in our largest Great American Cleanup effort.

KAB Storm Troopers—This is a new program with volunteers periodically  cleaning out the storm drains in their neighborhoods to make certain they are free of litter and debris.

KAB Trash Troopers—Whether you walk for fun, companionship, or your health, take a trash bag with you and pick up litter as you go.  Report the hours you work and the amount of trash collected to KAB to become a Trash Trooper.  

Take Ten—Is an effort to encourage businesses to send their employees out for ten minutes per day or every other day to clean up their property.

The Butt Brigade–Volunteer will pick up cigarette butts and educate that they need to be disposed of properly by distributing personal pocket ash trays and butt buckets for cars.

Waterfront Warriors–Volunteers will clean up litter at Westlake, Central Park, Lake Shawnee and other waterways.