Litter Prevention





Adopt-A-Park—A program implemented by Topeka Park Department.  Volunteers adopt a park by making an annual commitment to pick up litter once a month. 

Adopt-A-Drain-Storm Troopers——Volunteers periodically check their nearby storm drains to make certain they are free of litter and debris. 

CSI Shawnee County——Volunteers will survey neighborhoods and remove debris and litter to prevent flooding and litter from washing into our waterways.

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program—This year we continue our fight against cigarette litter. “No butts about it . . .  This is litter too” to educate and provide a few receptacles in the fight against cigarette litter. 

Get Down and Get Dirty—Annual Community wide litter cleanup in celebration of Earth Day.

Great American Cleanup—Annual effort to clean up our entire nation.  Local events are held throughout the United States. 




KAB Extreme Team—Citizens are encouraged to join with other Keep America Beautiful volunteers to clean up areas of “extreme” litter, sharing camaraderie and our commitment to clean up Topeka and Shawnee County.  

KAB Trash Troopers—Whether you walk for fun, companionship, or your health take a trash bag with you and pick up litter as you go.  Report the hours you work and the amount of trash collected to KAB to become a Trash Trooper. 

Litter Lookouts—Citizens are encouraged to report litterbugs to Chief Ron Miller.  Help stop littering in our community! 

Project Takeover/Makeover—A cleanup of our 19 Neighborhood Improvement Associations.  

Spirit of Kansas—KAB volunteers help cleanup areas of Lake Shawnee after fireworks celebration.

Take Ten—This is an effort to encourage businesses along Wanamaker corridor to send their employees out to pick up litter.

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