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I am pleased to announce a couple of new events where we will be working in partnership with Downtown Topeka.

June 4 and July 2 we will be doing beautification at Snyder Cabin Gardens in Gage Park.
June 25, TAP THAT Brew Festival from 4 – 8 p.m. At this event in Downtown Topeka we will help with recycling and litter pickup.
July 5—Spirit of Kansas litter cleanup from 9 – 11 a.m. We will meet at 37th and West Edge Road at the trailhead shelter house.

Finally, we have a unique opportunity to help with a concert by the band Kansas who will be performing in Downtown Topeka. There are many volunteer opportunities in two or three hour shifts. They are listed below. Other volunteer groups will be involved with us.

Details and meeting place for the June 25th and July 2nd Downtown events to follow. Please let me know if you are interested in helping with any of our upcoming events.

KANSAS AVENUE Celebration, July 2nd
VOLUNTEER Descriptions

Gate Barricades:
-Noon to 3pm – no one allowed in site except volunteers (check approved list and send to Volunteer/Info tent east of 8th & Kansas) or emergency vehicle. Slide the unattached barricade open to allow them through. Keep crowd outside of barricade entry point. Hired security and Topeka Police will also be there to assist.
-3pm to 10pm – Gates open at 3pm (10th & Kansas/8th & Jackson/8th & Quincy). Volunteers to help guide people into site. If person has a purse or bag, they need directed to the “search” line, monitored by hired security, otherwise they go in. No pets, no ice chests, no weapons allowed (this will be posted and advertised). Also, make sure no one leaves the site with a drink in hand – drink it or dump it – as no one is allowed outside the event area with alcoholic drink. If you have a concern or confrontational attendee, a Topeka Police officer and/or hired security can intervene. FYI – Handicap dropoff/pickup entry at 8th & Quincy, with reserved seating on north side of Westar Energy.

9th Street Barricades:
-Noon to 10pm – no one allowed in or out of these barricades at any time, except emergency vehicle. Slide the unattached barricade open to allow them through. Direct all people to enter at the above listed entry points.

7th Street Barricade:
-Noon to 10pm – no one allowed in or out of these barricades at any time, except emergency vehicle. Slide the unattached barricade open to allow them through. Direct all people to enter at the above listed entry points. The entire 700 Block is off limits to everyone, unless they have the appropriate access pass. Hired security will also be in this area to assist.

Seating: 3pm to 10pm
-VIP Areas – two areas are setup on stage corners for underwriters’ guests. Only people with the appropriate wristband will be allowed in those two areas. Volunteers needed from 3pm to 10pm.

-General Seating – The area in front of the stage is blocked from seating or standing. Chalk lines indicate chair line start. Volunteers will facilitate people honoring that line, plus encourage them to tighten up the spacing. Note the handicap area marked on north side of Westar. If you see ice chests, advise you will put it at the INFO tent for later retrieval at end of event.

INFO / Volunteer Tent: noon to 10pm
– Volunteer Coordinator – Check in all volunteers and confirm their responsibility and schedule. Give EVENT ID to them, bottle of water, and radio if appropriate. Advise their relief volunteer will come to their location to relieve them and they are to report back to the tent to turn in items.
-INFO ambassador – assist with attendee questions, handout downtown info/site info, assist Volunteer Coordinator

Stage Security: 3pm to 10pm
– Make sure no one enters stage area or lingers on 700 block sidewalks. Hired security to assist.

Trash Monitors: 3pm to 10pm
– Change out full trash cans and put in provided dumpster. Re-line the trash can. Keep site picked up as well.

Site Teardown: 10pm –
-Final removal of trash, stack VIP chairs, remove fencing in 900 block, remove site signage on barricades and elsewhere, etc.


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Keep America Beautiful-Topeka/Shawnee County

Announces new Safe Sharps Disposal program

Keep America Beautiful-Topeka/Shawnee County in partnership with Shawnee County Solid Waste announces a new Safe Sharps Disposal program. The kick-off was held November 7th at the Shawnee County Household Hazardous Waste Collection facility (HHW) at 131 NE 46th Street. More than 200 people attended the event with 60 of the new sharps containers being distributed.

With this new sustainable program, residents of Shawnee County can pick up a container free of charge while supplies last. Once the container is full of sharps, they can return those back to the HHW Facility for proper disposal. Shawnee County’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility will implement the on-going program as part of its commitment to keep hazardous material out of the local landfill.

This program is brought to you through a collaboration with Shawnee County Solid Waste, Waste Management, and Keep America Beautiful-Topeka/Shawnee

For more information: call Philicia at (785) 224-0446 or e-mail kab@kabtopsh.org.

“Stop thinking about nature time as leisure time.

Time in nature is an essential investment in our children’s health and well-being (as well as our own). Changing our mindset will change our priorities; if we view nature time as essential to good health, we will be more likely to engage in it. Nurturing creativity and wonder is part of our responsibility as parents if we want to raise healthy, well-balanced children.”

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