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“Just the Place” Rustic Barn Wedding Venue

Jeff and Rena Kilgore of Ozawkie, KS are the owners and operators of Just the Place LLC. They renovated the house and barn in 2015 to accommodate weddings and/or receptions for up to 200 guests. Thirty-five acres of farmland surrounding the house and barn are being restored to their natural prairie habitat, with walking trails throughout. A breezy pavilion with a cobblestone floor is covered in flowering vines and sits high on a hill, may be used as a backdrop for your ceremony. They are located on the west side of the city of Ozawkie, KS and on the north edge of Perry Lake, with long beautiful views of the Delaware River valley.

From Jeff:

Rena and I think that recycling is important. One thing we did not anticipate when we first opened Just the Place wedding facility was the amount of trash that fewer than 200 people would produce. Since we recycle tin cans, glass, aluminum cans, and plastic at our home, we couldn’t ignore the facility trash. I’ve been elbows deep in garbage bags pulling out recyclables. At our biggest wedding this year, I hauled nearly 20 trash bags to the curb. It matters to us that we do our part to make a better world. The choice to not recycle is odd to me.

Last March when we were in Georgia, I was taking a walk when I noticed the trash cans out to be picked up. When I returned, I saw that only one of two cans had been dumped at one home. I saw the owner on the porch and told him that the trash haulers had left one full, he told me that, that was the recycling trash can that would be picked up later that day. In a metropolitan area such as Atlanta, land is more scarce which might influence their decision to recycle. The fact that we as Kansans have lots of land makes trash recycling less of an issue.

The idea of trash recycling’s profitability is something that I’ve often wondered about. We recycle to keep stuff out of landfills.

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