United Computer Disposal

305 SE 17th M-F 10 am-3 pm

785-408-0014 unitedcomputerdisposal@gmail.com (email is preferred method of contact)

Computers, flat screen monitors, scanners, printers, copier, servers, cell phones, microwaves, other IT equipment. Please email or call for any questions or to schedule a free pickup.

The principal goal of United Computer Disposal is to create a safe, clean, and healthy environment for ourselves and for future generations. United Computer Disposal was founded by individuals who started a class project in college with the goal of helping the local community and making a better place to live for our families.

United Computer Disposal is a non-profit organization that provides complete solutions for disposing and recycling of all computers, flat screen monitors, printers, servers, and other miscellaneous electronic equipment.

Free data destruction

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